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Dorado winner at the 2015 San Jose Fishing Tournament

Brad Erickson, captain of the “EL BURROO III” fishing team, wons the 1st place of the Dorado division in the 2015 Fiestas Tradicionales de San Jose Fishing Tournament.

brad fish

When he shows up to the scales, by 3:33 pm, less than a half and hour prior the scales closes, there were a couple of qualifyings ones two;  but once the weight was anounced: 29 lbs, every one knows he will be the winner.


A 31lbs Yellowfin Tuna gives away another Chevrolet

stephenThe Yellowfin tuna division at the Fishing Tournament “Fiestas Tradicionales de San José 2015″, also prized the “Crow” fishing team with a car.

The Angler, Sthepen Crow, shows up to the scales with this non bad trophy fish, by 2:25 pm and his catch weights 31lbs, ..Not bad at all for a new car!!!

stephen fish

9lbs Sierra won a Chevrolet


This cars were promised to the winners of the three  1st places for Sierra, Yellowfin Tuna and Dorado divisions at the Fishing Tournament  “Fiestas Tradicionales de San José 2015″

Hector Pino, along with his team “LEPEROS” show up to the scale whit this 9lbs Sierra, and at the end, they “drive home” in his Brand New Car.




A couple of  “local”  americans won the first place for the Dorado and the Yellowfin tuna    torneo san joseDivisions in the past “Torneo de Pesca Fiestas Tradicionales de San José”,  sposored by the Municipal Goverment.

There were 3 brand new cars prizes for the first place in each cathegory, Sierra, Yellowfin tuna and for the King of the sportfishing fish; the Dorado.

And beleive it or not, an only 9 lbs Sierra, was the one who give to Manuel Pino, the 3rd Chevrolet.

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