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2015 Dorado Shoot Out

dorado shoot out

Official Results

1. Steve Cole 12.9lbs, Bite Me
2. Rudolfo Loque Mendoza 12.8lbs. Borrachos and Amigos
3. David Brilhante 7.7lbs. Todo o Nada

$200 & $300 – Steve Cole $24,565
$500 & $1,000 – Rudolfo Loque Mendoza $40,800

Biggest Tuna or Wahoo
1. Jeff Smith 37.6lbs. Julkate
2. Joey Krys 35.2lbs. Time Out
3. Chris Rogers 25.8lbs. El Cazador

Winner of the 2015 Toyota Tacoma 4×4 Pick Up Truck from Toyota of Los Cabos– Steve Cole
Winner of the Suzuki 140HP engine from Agencia Arjona – Jeff Smith

Ursula’s Weekly Fish Report August from the 3rd – 09, 2015 .

Overall Catch Success Rate All Species Combined 65%

AVERAGE CATCHES: Billfish 33%, Dorado 5%, Other 40%Billfish 64%, Tuna 13%, Dorado 3%, Other 9%.

Some days every boat spot marlin, some had a marlin, ather day caught nothing.The fish moved around. Mr. Harry Sparlow and family spent the day aboard our great 36′ Crystal Lyner “Ursula IV” with Captain Ricardo at the helm and Miguel as his loyalty First mate aboard the Ursula IV and was one fortunate, as on August 05 they managed to release 2 striped marlin, and a regular size dorado

WEATHER:Wow, is Warmer than usual, very clear skies, little windy on the Pacific..

LOCATION:20-32 miles out from the 180 spot, 95 spot, Punta Gorda, La Laguna, Golden Gate


BEST LURES:Caballito, green colors, guacamaya

Dorado winner at the 2015 San Jose Fishing Tournament

Brad Erickson, captain of the “EL BURROO III” fishing team, wons the 1st place of the Dorado division in the 2015 Fiestas Tradicionales de San Jose Fishing Tournament.

brad fish

When he shows up to the scales, by 3:33 pm, less than a half and hour prior the scales closes, there were a couple of qualifyings ones two;  but once the weight was anounced: 29 lbs, every one knows he will be the winner.


A 31lbs Yellowfin Tuna gives away another Chevrolet

stephenThe Yellowfin tuna division at the Fishing Tournament “Fiestas Tradicionales de San José 2015″, also prized the “Crow” fishing team with a car.

The Angler, Sthepen Crow, shows up to the scales with this non bad trophy fish, by 2:25 pm and his catch weights 31lbs, ..Not bad at all for a new car!!!

stephen fish